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My name is Naixin Ren. I am an arts and design professional with a Master of design in Interior Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of science degree focused in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. I have strong proven skills in Interior Design, Spatial Design, Exhibition Design, Furniture Design, Landscape Design, Autism Friendly Design, 3D Modeling, and Graphic Design.I have great experience in developing interventions for existing structures at many scales—from single rooms to entire buildings, and I always make sure I keep abreast with interior design and market trends. I am skillful at solving furnishing challenges as I have worked on a lot of interior design projects with complicated site conditions.  

I am an expert in ASD friendly interior and furniture design. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 54 people in the United States. Designing a space with ASD in mind can make clients feel safe and comfortable in their homes or offices. My most recent design project was an ASD friendly and anxiety free office design focusing on productivity, privacy, and flexibility. I created an organic spatial system and a set of furnitures that can be applied to any type of building to make the space autism friendly and anxiety free, and I accomplished the making of my first book in 2020 that talks about ASD friendly design, which can be found and downloaded from my website.


During the 8 years of training and studying in the design field, I have worked on a lot of great projects: Interior design projects including biomass food market design and wastewater treatment facility adaptive reuse design. Exhibition design projects including Harvard museum of history exhibition design and Providence children’s museum exhibition design. Immersive experience and exhibit design including a gummy bear piano and a computer interactive box called animal forest that was Honored by RISD INTAR to be displayed and presented on 2019 RISD alumni weekend. Autism friendly design projects including sensory room design and installation as well as office design. 


2020 / Book < Envisioning Work > / Approved by INTAR Master’s Examination Committee 

2019 / Immersive Exhibit "Animal Forest" /Honored to be displayed on RISD alumni weekend

2018 / Fellowship Award  / Honored by RISD 


Interior Design

Exhibition Design

Art Installation

Landscape Design

ASD Friendly Design

Furniture Design

Graphic Design

Office Design

Residential Design

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