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Healthcare / Commercial 

My experience encompasses a range of diverse and acclaimed projects in both residential and healthcare sectors, including notable contributions to Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, Boston Children's Hospital, Baystate Family Medicine, Tufts Medical Center ICU Design, and MetroWest Medical Center. In my role, I undertake a myriad of responsibilities, from refining existing structures through interior interventions to conceptualizing and materializing design visions via mood boards, 3D models crafted with Revit, and 2D plans produced with CAD. I excel in sketching and developing conceptual renderings, conducting thorough material research, and curating both virtual and physical mood boards. Additionally, I am adept at preparing comprehensive construction documents and overseeing construction administration. My approach is distinguished by a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, achieved through tailored design options that not only meet their needs but also align with rigorous company standards. My collaborative ethos shines through in my seamless integration with architects, artists, interior designers, and other team members, fostering productive and harmonious working relationships.


Boston Healthcare for the Homeless

In the renovation of 33 Bradston St, Boston MA, the emphasis is on enhancing lighting and acoustics to mitigate external noise. Cost-effective sound barriers and vibrant color schemes are implemented to elevate workspace ambiance, while meticulous attention is given to comprehensive acoustic solutions and lighting and window film studies for optimal design outcomes.

Baystate Family Medicine Residency 

Transform the outdated hospital into a modern, clean design while navigating numerous challenges. The main challenge involves working with existing components that must remain, requiring the design to seamlessly integrate with them. Notably, a pivotal role has been played in establishing Baystate's interior standards, earning their trust to the extent that assistance has been enlisted in designing their other facilities. Careful color and material selection is paramount in achieving the project's goals.

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Metrowest Medical Center 

The Metrowest Medical Center is actively seeking designs aimed at calming patients while ensuring adequate privacy, particularly in high-stress environments like the emergency room. Introducing calming colors, materials, window films, and wall murals are integral aspects of the design approach. Careful consideration is given to rearranging walls and the flooring/soffit pattern to optimize circulation in narrow waiting areas, thereby enhancing the overall patient experience and comfort.

Boston Children's Hospital 

The Karp Research Center is seeking design solutions to align its space with the new hospital standard color scheme, covering kitchen design, carpet patterns, and furniture selection. However, a significant challenge is the tight timeline, requiring a swift renovation completion. Despite this, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations through collaborative and agile efforts.

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